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01 Performance

CEFC Strategy

Our strategy is built around the key themes of impact, innovation and organisational effectiveness.

Deloitte concluded that the CEFC “has been effective in facilitating increased flows of finance into the clean energy sector projects it supported” and that “in the absence of the CEFC a range of projects it supported may not have proceeded”.

Steven Skala AO
Chair, CEFC

We operate with a flexible approach to our activities to meet the needs of our evolving market. This includes supporting measures to integrate renewable energy into our electricity system by investing in innovative technologies, projects and business models.

We also apply commercial rigour in our investment approach, using financial products and structures designed to address the barriers to private sector investment that contribute to Australia’s emissions reduction activities.

Figure 2: CEFC Strategy

1. Increasing the impact of our investment activities

Invest in proven energy storage and grid technologies to support grid stability and reliability.

Support nationally significant infrastructure opportunities that underpin the energy transition.

Encourage additional private sector capital into clean energy solutions to lower carbon emissions

2. Developing innovative investment solutions

Deliver investment solutions to meet diverse technology, business and industry needs.

Invest in cleantech businesses through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

Actively manage our assets and capital to ensure we achieve expected outcomes and support continued investment.

3. Operating with organisational effectiveness

Develop and retain expert high-performing teams.

Adopt a sound risk management approach across all our activities.

Operate with effective business systems and organisational processes.