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Investment Mandate Directions

In December 2018, the CEFC received a new Ministerial direction under the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Investment Mandate Direction 2018 “to include in its investment activities a focus on technologies and financial products as part of the development of a market for firming intermittent sources of renewable energy generation, as well as supporting emerging and innovative clean energy technologies”.

The new direction builds on the work of the CEFC in bringing clean energy solutions to the grid, while encouraging the CEFC to prioritise investments that support reliability and security of electricity supply, alongside our continuing investments in solar, wind, hydro, bioenergy and other technologies in the renewable energy sector.

The Australian Government has also tasked the CEFC with investing through a $1 billion Sustainable Cities Investment Program; a $1 billion Reef Funding Program; and the $200 million Clean Energy Innovation Fund. Finance for these programs is drawn from the CEFC's existing $10 billion allocation, with investments made in accordance with usual CEFC investment practice.