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01 Performance

Portfolio impact

The CEFC portfolio of investment commitments reached almost $6.2 billion at 30 June 2019, after allowing for revocable commitments, repayments and amortisation on almost $7.2 billion in total CEFC commitments since inception.

Clean energy impact

CEFC finance has helped drive $24 billion of investment commitments to clean energy projects, supporting significant growth in large-scale renewables in particular.


Economic impact

We have deployed more than $5 billion to investments and projects Australia-wide, of which some $718 million was repaid or returned to 30 June 2019.


Investment impact

Each dollar of CEFC commitments has been matched by more than $2 in private sector finance, demonstrating our ability to attract additional private sector finance into lower emissions.*


Emissions impact

Our commitments are targeting lifetime emissions abatement of more than 260Mt of CO2-e, reflecting the combined efforts of the CEFC and our co-investors.

260Mt CO2-e

  • The CEFC does not claim that abatement associated with its investment commitments occurs independently of government policies such as the Renewable Energy Target.

There is evidence to support a finding that in the absence of the CEFC a range of projects it supported may not have proceeded.

Statutory Review of the CEFC
Figure 5: CEFC performance
CEFC commitments 2018–19 Lifetime
CEFC commitments $1.46b $7.2b
Transactions financed 30 ~140
Transaction value $6.3b $24.0b
Leverage >$3:$1 >$2:$1
Est lifetime emissions (tCO2-e) 64m 260m
Finance deployed $1.3b ~$5.0b
Finance repaid/returned ~$321m ~$718m